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They say good things come in threes.

Rajeev Opal, his mother Geven and his brother-in-law Sam Sandhu—the three driving forces behind family-owned Ocorp Development—are hoping that will be the case with their upcoming three-themed project in Glenmore. It’s called 3×3 (pronounced “three by three”), and it’s all about the number.

Three buildings.

Three phases.

Located at 333 Drysdale Blvd.

The most enticing part? Some of the prices will start with the number three, as in $300,000.

“The biggest draw for us is it being a very high quality development,” says Rajeev Opal, who is Ocorp’s sales and marketing manager. “… We’ve really thought about this over the last three or four years to the point that it’s taken more time than most projects. We’ve invested more time and more effort into making sure that it really fits into the community and that it stands the test of time.”

Pre-sales are slated to begin in August, and the first phase is scheduled to be completed by early 2020. The second phase target date is late 2020, and the third should be finished by the end of 2021.

Ocorp had permission to build as high as six storeys tall, but it decided to spread out the space with their future home owners’ comfort in mind. Instead of jamming as many residences as it could into the project, it decided to go with five storeys to maximize luxury and optimize green space.

“The level of construction that we do is beyond what just the basic requirements are. That’s the big thing for us,” Opal says. “Like sound barriers; not hearing your neighbours on either side, not hearing the people above you, not hearing the people below you.”

“Also the the buildings are situated to maximize views and to give people great sweeping views of the Okanagan and Glenmore Valley.”

The project’s green spaces will feature a dog park, communal barbecues and fire pits. There will also be a party room and a fully equipped gym.

“The gym is a big draw,” Opal says. “There is no gym in all of Glenmore. Ultimately you have to head into central Kelowna or head off the freeway to get to a good, fully-equipped gym. One of the previous developments we did, Mosaic, had a small gym, but this is meant to serve 171 residents rather than just 30-something.”

Each suite will have an underground parking spot, and there will be plenty of guest spaces as well. There will also be underground bicycle storage for those who like to explore their neighbourhood’s green areas. Ocorp is also thinking green when it comes to 3×3; it plans to install solar panels on top of the buildings that will supply the common areas with power. And this will be the first all LED bulb building of its kind in Kelowna.

Opal believes young families and those looking to downsize will feel right at home in 3×3 and in Glenmore. It should also appeal to those looking to invest in nearby UBCO housing.

“It’s not too busy, yet you have access to every amenity that you need, mostly within walking distance,” he says. “So it is like a downtown feel in a more community-oriented type of neighbourhood. It’s got a little bit of something for everybody.”

And Opal knows family, considering he works with his mom, who is the main developer, and his brother-in-law, who is the company’s vice-president.

“It’s always interesting,” Opal says. “Never a dull dinner, I’ll tell you that. My mom is the big picture person. She has the concept, and the rest of us make it come to fruition.”

The project’s Discovery Centre, which includes a full 2-bedroom layout, is up and running at 101-385 Glenmore Road, and its website ( will be updated with new information including floor plans and features this week.

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