City to shut down pot shops
Josh Winquist - Jun 13, 2018 - Biz Releases

Image: Facebook

The City of Vernon has told four cannabis retailers they have until Friday to shut down.

Cannabis retailers had until June 1 to enter into a city covenant, those who didn’t were told they must shut down.

The covenant basically stated that if zoning did not support cannabis retail sales at the retailer’s location, the retailer would shut down.

The city is waiting on provincial regulations before it sets its zoning bylaws.

“Of the four cannabis retailers that did not register the covenant, three have agreed to close or discontinue sales altogether,” stated the City of Vernon in a press release. “The fourth, an on-line delivery-only retailer, has not agreed and is subject to enforcement proceedings.

The city had previously threatened hefty fines for businesses not registered in the covenant that operated after the June 1 deadline.

Meanwhile, the Penticton RCMP is also turning up the pressure on marijuana dispensaries operating in the city.

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