20 years of hospice help
Chelsea Powrie - Jun 11, 2018 - Get Involved

Image: Chelsea Powrie
Current and former board members of the Moog & Friends Hospice House board celebrate 20 years.

Moog and Friends Hospice House celebrated a milestone Sunday, after 20 years of care for the terminally ill in Penticton.

The society held an event at the Martin Street Art Gallery, featuring appetizers and beverages, in order to mark the occasion.

The chair of the society, Bill Everden, said that members of the staff suggested a celebration to mark two decades of work.

“It was such a dream for so long, the society,” Everden said. “In 1998 the doors opened with a large donation from the Andy Moog foundation and other people. It’s been wonderful and now 20 years later the society is still supporting the hospice house.”

Everden said the work is ongoing, and that they are always improving the support they give to patients. They are also very grateful fo any support they are given.

“We’re very pleased at the support we get from the community and we hope it keeps up,” Everden said.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the work Moog & Friends does can visit their website or donate in person at 1701 Government Street.

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