BNA bowling alley opens
Trevor Nichols - Jun 07, 2018 - Biz Releases

Image: Trevor Nichols

A spur-of-the-moment decision yesterday saw BNA Brewing Co. officially open its much-anticipated bowling alley.

Owner Kyle Nixon says they’ve been working on the expansion since last year, and with everything now more-or-less complete the BNA team yesterday “just decided to do it.”

“We were ready and our team was so pumped, so we just opened,” he said.

The 8,000-square-foot expansion has seen BNA take over the former home of the neighbouring Flashbacks nightclub, which closed in 2016.

Image: Trevor Nichols

Six new 10-pin bowling lanes take up most of the newly renovated space, and the rest summons the spirit of the glory days of bowling alleys with its homage to the 80s.

Mustard-yellow wingback chairs, quilted footstools and other straight-from-the-80s furniture make up most of the seating. Old-school arcade games line a far wall, and an Airstream trailer has been dropped and retrofitted into a bar.

Each lane of the bowling alley is also complimented by a small “living room,” which Nixon says bowlers can come to drink, eat, or just hang out.

Nixon says lanes and living rooms can be rented by the hour, while space on the bocce court and time on a first-generation Nintendo will also be up for grabs.

Nixon says he’s incredibly proud of his team for helping bring the whole thing together, and that he can’t wait to show it off to locals.

Image: Trevor Nichols

“We weren’t really inspired to just make a bigger bar for the sake of making a bigger bar. What we really wanted to do was add something different, and that’s where the arcade and the bowling alley come in—it’s just something a little different that you can do downtown, but in our own BNA way,” he said.

Along with much more space and some new activities Nixon says the expansion also saw BNA expand its brewery.

Now, he said, the bar will have as many as 8-10 beers on tap during the summer months, as opposed to the two or three they typically stocked.

Staff spent today putting the finishing touches on the space, and Nixon said it will essentially be in its full glory by the time the pub opens this afternoon.

Image: Trevor Nichols

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