More protests over surtax
Wayne Moore - Jun 05, 2018 - BC Biz

Image: CTV

For the second time in a week, constituents in the Vancouver-Point Grey riding made their feeling known over a controversial school surtax.

The protests came as attorney general David Eby, elected by the voters of Vancouver-Point Grey, held a second town hall meeting on the tax.

According to CTV Vancouver, the tax would hit residents whose homes are valued at over $3 million.

Homes valued at more than $3 million would pay 0.2 per cent each year. That would double for homes valued at more than $4 million.

A first try at a town hall meeting May 1 was cancelled. Eby told CTV the sold-out event was out of control.

“There were emails going around saying people should march on into the event, even if they didn’t have tickets,” said Eby of the May 1 event.

“And, we had seniors and high school students working the doors. They’re not security guards.”

Some of those against the tax claim they only became millionaires on paper when the housing market took off.

“I have no intention of moving out of my house unless I’m forced out by these taxes,” said area resident Jonathan Rubenstein.

“I feel like people who live in their houses – cared for them, lived in the neighbourhoods, loved their communities – feel like they are being taxed out of their houses by this tax.”

    —files from CTV Vancouver

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