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It’s already one of the most impressive schools in the Okanagan, but Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School will take its campus and programming to a new level this year when it undergoes a massive expansion of its Kelowna campus.

Aberdeen Hall began in 2004 as a small organization serving 70 Kindergarten-to-Grade-3 students out of a handful of rented classrooms.

But over the last decade-and-a-half, the school has seen steady expansion as it has cemented its stellar reputation in the community. Today, more than 650 students of all ages attend classes at Aberdeen Hall.

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As its enrollment has grown, the school has steadily transformed its campus into a premier educational facility. Over the years it has added a junior hall, an early learning centre, a great hall, as well as other improvements.

Now, it’s taking the next step—and building something truly spectacular.

As Aberdeen’s director of development Sean Ayers explains, the school’s continued success has seen it reach the limits of its teaching space. That’s why it’s moving forward with a Phase V expansion that will see it add 11,000 square feet of new facilities to its campus.

Included in the project will be an impressive, 130-seat teaching theatre, a much-anticiapted gym studio, and 10 state-of-the-art teaching spaces.

“The very best education is made possible through the very best facilities,” Ayers says. “Rarely are we awarded the opportunity to make such a direct and dramatic impact on a community, and that’s exactly what we are doing.”

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Ayers explains that the staff at Aberdeen Hall see first-hand the tremendous advantages an inspiring, purpose-built facility brings.

Along with creating a more flexible educational environment, the Phase V expansion will allow the school to bring thought leaders from around the world to the Kelowna campus through cutting-edge audio-visual equipment.

It will supercharge the school’s athletic programmes with better equipment and more space for physical education, as well as add a library and research centre for the entire student body to enjoy.

By drawing on the latest in empirically proven methodologies for teaching and learning, Ayers says the school’s reputation for individualized programming, passionate teachers, and dedicated parents has lead to continued growth.

He encouraged anyone interested in learning more about Aberdeen Hall, touring the new campus, or enrollment to visit Aberdeen Hall online or reach out to him personally.

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