Pot covenant countdown
Chantelle Deacon - Jun 01, 2018 - Biz Releases

Image: The Canadian Press

The clock is ticking for a couple of Vernon cannabis retailers to enter into a restrictive covenant or they will be shut down.

Any pot shop that has not entered into the agreement by 4:30 p.m. today will be fined $1,000 a day until June 15. If the shop is still in business by that day it will be shut down by the city, says Kim Flick, the city’s director of community infrastructure and development

Fourteen dispensaries out of the 16 operating in Vernon have either entered the covenant or are in the process of entering.

The restrictive covenant is designed to bring recreational-use cannabis businesses into compliance with City of Vernon licensing and bylaw.

It works as a legal agreement registered on the title of the property that specifies, if cannabis shops are not permitted in the location under zoning, the business agrees to shut down.

“Of the four that haven’t, two did not respond to our invitation to enter that process and two others did enter the process and they have until tomorrow to register into that covenant and then we wouldn’t enforce,” Flick said.

The $1,000 a day fine will be charged to any cannabis shops running without a business license.

It’s unknown as to why two of the local dispensaries have not registered into the covenant.

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