More rentals for Capri area
Wayne Moore - May 30, 2018 - Biz Releases

Image: City of Kelowna

Kelowna city council has given initial approval for a 31-unit rental development on a single-family lot on Pacific Avenue.

However, one councillor put the developer on notice concerning a parking variance that will be requested down the road.

Coun. Luke Stack says he is currently living in a rental building that meets parking requirements but can’t find places for visitors to park.

“When I get a heads up this is going to be a parking variance, there will have to be very good justification, in my mind, for me to support that, because if it’s multi-family housing … if there is not adequate parking, I will have huge concerns,” said Stack.

A variance for a 20 per cent parking reduction will be brought forward at the same time as the development permit application. This would work out to one stall per unit, with five stalls for visitor parking.

Variances for height and setbacks will also be sought.

If constructed as proposed, the five-storey apartment would include five one-bedroom units, 21 two-bedroom units and five three-bedroom units.

Parking would be provided under the structure.

Planner Dean Strachan says the developer, Anagram Properties, has made several changes to the design since the initial application was made, to increase the street presentation of the building.

“There was some initial concern with how it presented to Pacific Avenue, but they have come forward with some modifications before it came to council to include some additional opening and additional windows,” said Strachan.

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