Kelowna’s new swingers club
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Have you and your partner ever wanted to spice up your sex life? Have you ever thought about bringing new partners into your bed, or maybe sharing your spouse with someone else?

You might find the idea terrifying, titillating, or even intriguing, but a Kelowna businesswoman says it’s happening all the time—right in this city—and she wants to capitalize on it.

She goes by the pseudonym Paulina Austin, and her plan is to bring the city’s swingers out from their key parties and shag-carpeted basements and into the mainstream.

“As far as I’m concerned, swinging is just another form of recreation,” Austin says, “why can’t the community, or just the curious, have a safe place to come and play, too?”

Austin explains that the Playhouse’s main draw will be a fully licensed bar and lounge— spiced up with features like a dance pole, themed rooms, and a dance floor—where couples interested in swinging can gather to meet other, like-minded folks.

A separate section will feature cozy and discrete private spaces people can rent by-the-hour to enjoy some more intimate time with their groups or partners.

Finally, The Playhouse will offer a singles lounge of sorts that will operate like an in-person Tinder, giving people looking for love (or something else) a more personal way to connect with potential partners.

While all these services will be housed within the Playhouse, each will operate in its own separate section, allowing patrons more discretion in their choices.

Austin says the Playhouse will be a private club, charging patrons a small membership fee (much like a cover charge) to ensure only the sincere come out for the fun.

“Swinging isn’t really a new idea. As long as there have been couples there have been couples who like to share. And if two consenting adults want to invite someone else into their relationship, why shouldn’t they be able to do that?” Austin asks.

“The Playhouse will mean they can do that—and do it both safely and discretely.”

Austin says The Playhouse is entirely above board—not long ago she got confirmation from the city she can get a business license, as well as the all-clear from law enforcement.

All she needs now, she says, is a few savvy investors to get the project started.

So, how would you feel about a swingers club in your city? Do you think it’s immoral, or do you support it? Would you ever attend? Austin wants to know, and she’s set up an anonymous survey to suss out how you feel.

To give her a piece of your mind check out the survey here. For more information on The Playhouse, check out their Facebook page.

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