Biz 1on1: Craig Sherburne
Visland Media - Mar 13, 2018 - Columnists

Produced by Kelowna’s Visland Media, Biz 1on1 is an interview series that explores the lives of some of the most interesting business people in North America.

Host Randy Lennon sits down with CEOs and founders of a diverse selection of businesses, talking with them about their vision, passion, and experiences building and running their company.

The show covers a wide array of stories and, although Lennon interviews business leaders from across the continent, he puts a particular focus on people from Okanagan Valley.

Originally broadcast on national television, Biz 1on1 has found a new home on Okanagan Edge, adapted for an online audience.

This week, Randy Lennon sits down with Ph.D. and entrepreneur Craig Sherburne, who talks about his business venture, Movilume, and how it can foster entrepreneurship.

Image: Visland Media

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