Take back Robson Square?
Okanagan Edge Staff - Mar 12, 2018 - BC Biz

Image: CTV

At least one Vancouver city councillor wants to take back Robson square. The area has been dominated by an open-air cannabis market which has caused security and safety issues.

Now, councillor Melissa De Genova says it’s time for the traffic barricades to come down so the roadway can be re-opened for other uses. De Genova is putting the motion forward this week.

CTV News reported a series of stories on confrontations and arrests as well as vendors allegedly selling pot to minors. Ultimately, police moved in and cleared out the illegal marijuana sellers after an investigation called Project Apprentice.

De Genova argues an open-air marijuana market wasn’t what the public space was intended to be used for when it closed Robson Square to traffic in 2016.

“The public square model has failed here,” she told CTV News. “The idea was to have this vibrant public plaza and I feel like it’s lacked that leadership and programming.”

De Genova has also heard from families who say they don’t feel comfortable bringing their children through the square while cannabis vendors were there.

-with files fromĀ CTV

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