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Is it possible that a bus could save your wedding?

Most weddings are a spectacular affair, but anyone who’s planned one knows there are a million moving parts making the magic happen behind the scenes.

While you can plan for most anything on your big day, one thing you can’t control is your guests.

Most of the time your friends and family will be happily eating, drinking and dancing, but the time there is the most danger of things going off the rails is the transition from ceremony to reception—especially if the two are in a different place.

The last thing most newlyweds want is for tipsy guests scattering into dozens of cars on their way to the after-ceremony reception.

To keep people safe and contained, couples often contract cabs or limos to shuttle their guests from place to place.

However, few guests are thrilled with the prospect of cramming into a grimy cab while in their wedding best. Likewise, limos might seem like a luxury alternative, but stretches are often little better than cabs once you get past the flashy facade.

To get around these obstacles, more newlyweds are now looking to a different option for moving their guests safely, and in luxury—and avoiding several potential headaches in the process.

Corinne Underwood is the director of business development at BlueStar Coachlines. She points out that motor coaches provide a level of luxury most don’t expect.

Extra-comfortable seating and professional drivers aside, modern coaches come chalked full of options like complimentary wifi, reclining seats, fully equipped entertainment systems, and onboard washrooms.

“What do you really want at a wedding? You want simplicity, luxury, and class,” Underwood says. “Motor coaches epitomize all of those things, and that makes them the ideal transportation option for newlyweds and their guests.”

Even beyond the material perks, Underwood says coaches offer a level of safety and community you can’t find anywhere else.

She says there’s a lot to be said for the convenience of getting an entire group of people to the same place, at the same time. It’s a huge logistical relief on a day where dozens of moving parts have to all line up.

Underwood points out that BlueStar has a fleet of coaches—ranging from an-11 seat sprinter, through to a 27-seat executive class motorcoach, a 48-seat motorcoach, and more than 20 56-seat coaches—so it can handle groups of virtually any size.

On top of that, having everyone in the same place for the trip will keep the party going, helping guests bond and have a good time.

“BlueStar understands what newlyweds are looking for when they’re planning their wedding. The professionalism of our uniformed drivers and the convenience of our coaches is leading many to turn to our service,” Underwood says.

For more information on how a motor coach can make your big day simpler, check out Bluestar Coachlines.

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