G-Cubed follow-up launched
Okanagan Edge Staff - Mar 12, 2018 - Biz Releases

Image: Instagram

An Okanagan Valley startup is expanding its line of enhanced drinks with a new “cardiovascular beverage” it claims is set to “create a shift in both the health product and beverage industries.”

Building off of its flagship product, G-Cubed, Infuse Your Life Health Products recently launched Soul, which it calls “cardiovascular sparkling water.”

Much like its predecessor—which lists black garlic, ginger, and ginseng oil among its active ingredients—Soul is marketed as a kind of mix between energy drink and medical supplement.

Infuse Your Life says the organic drink “boosts cardiovascular and cell health,” combats fatigue, is useful for post-workout or post-flu recovery and promotes healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

“As consumer demand rises for healthier options, we have decided to separate ourselves from other companies by developing a product that provides a wide range of health benefits without unnecessary ingredients that are widely found in the health product and beverage industries,” says Clint Richter, the company’s vice-president of sales.

“Our mission is simple: to change the way people think about, purchase, and consume health products and beverages.”

More information on the new product is available online.

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