New Kelowna shopping centre
Trevor Nichols - Feb 27, 2018 - Biz Releases

A Calgary developer is looking to bring a new shopping centre to the area around Reid’s Corner, in Kelowna.

West 18th St Enterprises Inc., which has completed projects across Western Canada, has applied to the City of Kelowna to amalgamate and rezone four properties on the corner of Old Vernon and Rutland Road.

Plans for the development submitted to Kelowna’s planning department show a shopping centre consisting of approximately 10 buildings, surrounded by more than 200 parking stalls.

West 18th St Enterprises Inc. says in its application it’s currently working on more detailed plans, so it can submit a development permit application at a later date.

“The intention is to provide a level of confidence to the city that the overall concept will meet the city’s vision for the subject property prior to the zone being adopted,” the developer writes.

Before that, however, council has to approve a “minor OCP amendment” to remove a “sliver” of the of property from its current agriculture designation.

Right now, a trio of residential homes, a few sheds, and an unpaved gravel yad sit on the five-and-a-half acres.

However, in its application West 18th St Enterprises Inc. points out most of the property sits in an area the city has designated for commercial development, and “is consistent with the city’s long-term vision for the area.”

“Several neighbouring and area properties are currently being rezoned to C10 through a city initiative to discharge old land use contracts and bring said properties into compliance with their actual use,” the letter reads.

Image: City of Kelowna

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