Too dangerous for cyclists
Josh Winquist - Feb 14 - Biz Releases

Image: Google Maps

You will soon see more cyclists in the North Okanagan.

With work on the Okanagan Rail Trail underway, the push is on to make Vernon a focal point for visiting cyclists.

However, while tapping into the cycle-tourist would be good for the local economy, one Vernon councillor doesn’t want local cyclists to be forgotten in all the rail trail excitement.

On Tuesday, council discussed the merits of an expanding rail trail and what that could mean for Vernon, but as the conversation began to wrap, Brian Quiring Quiring drew the council’s attention to the condition of the Okanagan Landing Road.

“Terrible,” he said. “Absolutely terrible. The road is very rough, and in many areas, the road narrows and there isn’t a shoulder… and it is very treacherous on a bicycle.”

Okanagan Landing Road is a popular route for many local cyclists out for a ride or heading to Ellison Provincial Park.

“That is a very well used road for cycling, and for walking and for jogging, and it is just not safe.”

Quiring says it is an “accident waiting to happen.”

Quiring, who lives on Okanagan Landing Road, says he hears a lot of concern from the residents who drive the road on a daily basis.

[They say] “it is very risky, and it is very easy to hit a cyclist or a pedestrian on that road.”

There are no current plans at the municipal level to address road conditions for cyclists and pedestrians along Okanagan Landing Road.

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