Steps to financial literacy
Madison Erhardt - Feb 14 - Get Involved

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There is no question that finances weigh heavily on the majority, but what if there was a guide to help alleviate some of that burden.

Launch Community Development Foundation helps people move forward in life by providing them with financial knowledge, confidence, and support.

“Financial literacy is a really big key to success in life and if you don’t get those lessons at home or you choose to ignore them later in life you will realize the consequences. We thought a really good way to help the community would be to offer some financial literacy training,” said Leanne Hammond, Launch Director.

The training is free of charge.

Launch Kelowna provides three different programs.

1. Dollars and Sense is a free seven -week condensed money management program for those who find it challenging to get ahead in life. The purpose of the program is to gain a better understanding of everyday financial matters.

2.Matched Savings is a 12-month program designed to teach participants how to effectively manage their personal finances, while providing the opportunity to save money towards continuing education, starting a small business and more.

3.Primer for Life is three hour session to help prepare young adult to manage their finances when living on their own.

“We are providing people with a hand-up not a handout. As adults we learn best with positive reinforcement. The person who signs up for our Match Savings program and completes the year long course while saving $50, we will match that three to one for an approved asset,” Hammond added.

The programs are funded by a number of donors as well as a few corporate groups.

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