Help shape the heart of Wilden
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The developers of Kelowna’s Wilden development are asking for public input into the commercial centre they plan to construct within the residential community.

Located off of Union Road, Wilden’s Market Square will be a home for shops, cafes, and a public park, as well as an “urban waterfront,” elementary school, and community gathering space.

According to the developers, Wilden Village will be a “compact, walkable neighbourhood that integrates natural ponds, parks and wildlife corridors and encompasses a wide array of housing options, from lane homes and townhomes to condos in various sizes.”

Wilden is a series of communities scattered across 2,000 acres of land north of downtown Kelowna. The development bills itself as “the largest master-planned community between Vancouver and Calgary,” and one day could contain thousands of homes.

At an open house Feb. 15, at the Wilden Presentation Centre, the developers are inviting Wilden residents and the general public to “voice their opinions, ideas, and priorities” and “help shape the vision for the commercial area.”

The latest plan for Wilden Village and Market Square is currently being reviewed by the City of Kelowna. It differs from the original master plan in that there is a slight increase in commercial amenities, civic services, and residential density.

More information on the Wilden Village and Market Square is available online.

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