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Andrew McWilliam
Okanagan Edge Staff - Jan 23 - Got the Edge

Name: Andrew McWilliam

What business or organization are you involved with? 
Ratio Coffee and Pastry.

What is your role with that organization? 
General manager and co-owner.

What’s your favourite thing about living in the Okanagan? 
Seasons! I love having four distinct seasons, and how quickly they change.

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would you choose and why? 
My wife. We have four kids and together with our business partners run Ratio, so quiet meals together are a very rare gem.

What’s your go-to happy place? 
Hornby Island.

What are you most proud of? 
My family. My kids constantly make me very proud. They are giving and generous and make the world better by caring about the friends they have.

What are the top three things on your bucket list?
1. Travel Canada coast to coast over a few months;
2. Visit one of the coffee growers who provide our coffee at Ratio;
3. Start a coffee shop… oh wait, that already happened 🙂

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? 
Coffee chewed on by monkeys from Australia.

Latest movie or book: The Third Plate by Dan Barber.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? 
Second chances.

If today were your last day, how would you spend it? 
Likely how I spent today: serving friends and strangers coffee, spending time with my family and trying to build a community around me.

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