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Darren Pierce didn’t know what would happen when he pioneered a game-changing new service at his Kelowna Mr. Lube franchise, but he dove in headfirst anyway.

No-appointment-needed tire changes had the potential to open up a whole new world for his customers, he explains, and he just couldn’t resist giving it a shot.

Now, after a season that saw some of the busiest months ever, the success of the project has lead him to open a second Mr. Lube location, on McCurdy Road, so he can offer another convenient location to meet the auto service needs of Kelowna.

“We were one of the very first quick oil change shops in Canada to offer this service, and after people found out about it we started getting a lot of interest,” Pierce explains. “We always knew we needed something else to better serve our customers, so I’m incredibly excited we’ve finally made that happen.”

Image: Contributed
Darren Pierce

Along with the help of his dedicated staff and certified technicians, a new tire changing machine has helped make service at Pierce’s new Mr. Lube shop even quicker and easier for customers.

According to Pierce, the machine can change a single tire in about two-and-a-half minutes. Not only that, it does it virtually on its own, without ever even touching the rim of the wheel.

“At the end of the day it only takes ten minutes to change four tires. It’s crazy,” he says.

Pierce gushes that you normally only find this kind of technology in places like high-end car dealerships, and that having it at his Mr. Lube shops has made tire changing a breeze for customers.

“The big key to success for us was, before we started doing this, nobody was able to just drive up without an appointment and get their tires changed. So we just took that and ran with it.”

“Anything we try to do we try to do for the customer,” he adds.

Pierce adds that he’s thrilled with the new McCurdy Road location, and that, as always, the community has been great to him.

“We’ve been very fortunate with people in the Okanagan Valley supporting the business,” Pierce, who first set up shop in Kelowna in 2006, says. “If it wasn’t for the community and the staff that we have, I wouldn’t be here.”

Mr. Lube offers no-appointment-needed, warranty-approved oil changes and tire services.More information on Pierce’s new Mr. Lube location is available online.

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