Museums vs McDonalds
Darren Handschuh - Jan 12 - Biz Releases

Image: Wayne Moore

One fast food giant thinks it’s better for people to pay $5 for a burger than head to a local museum.

Gabriel Newman disagrees.

Newman is the public education co-ordinator for Greater Vernon Museum and Archives, and he admits to being somewhat offended when a national McDonald’s commercial implied museums aren’t worth the price of admission.

“It felt a little unfair that a corporation like McDonald’s, with its multimillion dollar advertising campaign, is picking on small groups and volunteers,” said Newman.

The commercial – which McDonald’s has since pulled – showed a museum tour guide giving a tour that lasted only a few seconds, and implied the price of admission would be better spent on a fast food meal.

Newman said people can spend all day at the museum if they want and most of the museum programs are only $5, while programs for kids are free.

“Most of the museums in the Okanagan are free or by donations or tickets are only up to $5 per person,” he said. “It also seems to imply going to a museum is expensive and therefore a luxury item.”

Newman said nothing is farther from the truth and that “museums are here to make communities a better place.”

An outcry from the public and the Canadian Museum Association resulted in the ad being pulled.

The upside of it all is, says Newman, is museums have been getting a lot of attention and that’s a good thing.

The manager of the local McDonald’s contacted Newman to say how much he appreciates the local museum.

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