Merger means ‘major shakeup’
Okanagan Edge Staff - Jan 10 - Biz Releases

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There was a “major shakeup” in the B.C. insurance world this month, when an Okanagan and Vancouver insurance brokerage merged.

Vancouver-based CMW Insurance and Okanagan-based Capri Insurance joined forces Jan. 1, and have officially rebranded as CapriCMW.

“As acquisitions by large, multinational firms have become the norm among insurance brokerages, CapriCMW has bucked this trend to remain locally and independently owned,” communications specialist Erika Jarvis says.

Both CMW and Capri were independent and employee-owned, and according to a news release announcing the merger “have had a collaborative relationship for years.”

Jarvis says the new CapriCMW now has a significant presence in both the Lower Mainland and the B.C. Interior, and is “one of Western Canada’s largest, independent employee-owned insurance brokerages.”

“With over 400 employees in 14 offices across B.C. and Ontario, the new company is well positioned to grow, remain independent and provide value to customers and businesses, while enriching the communities they serve,” the news release adds.

“We’re thrilled to be making this announcement,” says Tim Miller, the president of Capri Insurance Services. “The merger allows us to leverage the strengths of our two companies while retaining the advantages of being independent and employee-owned.”

More information about the newly created CapriCMW is available on the the company’s website.

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