Thousands raised at Apex
Chantelle Deacon - Jan 08 - Get Involved

Image: Contributed

The 4th Annual Winter Classic Hockey Jamboree raised thousands in Support of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The event took place from Jan. 4 to 7 at Apex Resort near Penticton.

Hockey players aged 9 to 10 competed on the outdoor rink.

All the participants, players, parents and organizers came together to raise $26,462.75.

The host team from Kelowna was joined by teams from Penticton, Spokane, Burnaby Winter Club, Seafair (Richmond) and the North Shore Winter Club.

This event started 4 years ago and has taken more momentum every year, raising respectively $10,000, $17,000, $24,000 and now $26,462.75 for a total of over 77,000 in four years.

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