Milk on demand
Rob Gibson - Jan 05 - BC Biz

Image: CTV

You’ve heard of beer on tap, how about getting your milk on tap?

People on Vancouver Island can now head to Morningstar Farm in Parksville to purchase milk on tap for two dollars per litre.

The milk comes from grass-fed cows and Morningstar is one of about half a dozen farms in the province that process its own dairy products, producing roughly 1,700 litres a day.

The farm purchased the milk dispenser from Switzerland and had it installed in August.

“Milk dispensers in Europe are pretty common but in Canada, this is the first one,” said co-owner Raymond Gourlay. “You come with your own jug or jar, or you can buy one of our reusable glass bottles here in the store and you just fill it up on tap.”

Raw milk sales are not legal in Canada and milk has to be pasteurized before it’s sold.

Gourlay believes that’s why other farms haven’t followed suit.

“It’s non-homogenized, it’s cream top, it’s full fat and grass-fed and really fresh,” added Gourlay.

The B.C. man says their new business strategy gives people the option of buying local while reducing packaging and waste.

-with files from CTV Vancouver Island

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