Give Hope Wings
Madison Erhardt - Jan 02 - Get Involved

Two high-performance experimental aircraft are about to depart from Kelowna International Airport on a journey of a lifetime.

Three retired Canadian businessmen will fly 20,000 miles for two months in two aircraft to raise awareness and money for Hope Air.

Hope Air is charity that provides free medical fights to financially challenged Canadians who must get to healthcare far from home. Last year Hope Air provided 11,500 flights from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, and everywhere in between. Over 1,400 of these were from YLW alone.

The pilots are from British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

The flying project will fund at least 2,000 free medical flights in 2018.

Takeoff will take place at YLW the morning of Jan, 2, 2018, and will include a  5-plane formation take-off followed by a low formation pass.

To track the Give Hope Wings Route, click here.

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