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Dylan Neilson-Schenk
Okanagan Edge Staff - Dec 27 - Got the Edge

Name: Dylan Neilson-Schenk 

Employer: Myself, hah! I run FamilyTree Arboriculture Inc.

City: Penticton

Occupation: Arborist

Tell us about your job: I maintain shrubs, trees, and client expectations in regards to their interactions with their woody landscape plants.

Trees are often meaningful to people: sometimes they are planted to celebrate a birth, sometimes to commemorate a loved one, and sometimes the birds or the wind plants them. Whatever their origin, I will use the best management practices based upon scientifically driven industry standards to maintain, remove, and manage these plants to suit both the needs of the plants and the people.

It is a challenging profession, and one in which skill and knowledge are needed in order to deliver the high-quality services I strive to provice. I have a great crew of employees who work hard and are keen to learn and grow. I also get to provide my services in the beautiful Okanagan, from Peachland to Osoyoos.

Tell us about yourself: I have a beautiful wife, Erin, and together we’ve brought three awesome young boys into the world: Tay, Ryker, and Nash. I am originally from Calgary, but have loved the Okanagan ever since my wife and I came out for our first summer visit, what feels like a lifetime ago.

Because we’re not quite busy enough, we have also added a dog, Grimm, to our burgeoning family. We love it here.

What do you do for fun? I play with my kids, which is great because aside from the trappings, responsibilities, and appearance of an adult, I feel far from it, especially while playing with those little guys. I also play slo-pitch and quite enjoy the social scene in Penticton.

Because, while kids are fun and all that, it is also quite enjoyable to speak with grown ups from time to time.

What Winnie the Pooh character do you most relate to? I would suppose I would relate most to Tigger, if I had to choose. Although I suppose I could fit the owl character well, too. But I’d like to think my advice is more often useful than not, as seems to be the case with that hooty know-it-all.

Latest movie or book: Well, I love to read when I have time, and the last book I read was Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. It was phenomenal.

What’s your go-to happy place? The Cathedral Lakes. My wife and I went up there last summer and were bedazzled. It’s beautiful and pristine, yet rugged. Also, they put on a heck of a spread in the lodge. But mostly, my own house is my happy place.

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