More pot-industry expansion
Okanagan Edge Staff - Dec 06 - Biz Releases

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There’s more movement in the marijuana industry this week, after Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced an expansion.

Medipure is an incubator dedicated to discovering and developing cannabinoid-derived prescription medications. The company operates out of Vancouver, with a research lab in Burnaby.

According to a recent news release, the company’s upcoming expansion will be at both its corporate offices and research labs, and will help “enhance the company’s research, aimed at developing cannabinoid-derived molecules into non-addictive pharmaceutical drugs.”

Medipure CEO Boris Weiss says the expansion comes at an “exciting time” in the industry.

“These expansions will allow our growing team to continue to develop bench-top research to support not only our existing pharmaceutical slate of products, but additional drugs in our drug pipeline,” he said.

The company plans to add an additional 2,500 square feet to its Vancouver offices, bringing the overall total to 3,800 square feet. The increased space will accommodate new additions to the management and corporate team.

In addition to the corporate office expansion, the company has added 1,200 square feet to its 2,550-square-foot lab in Burnaby, with a further, 2,850-square-foot expansion scheduled for 2018.

The new lab expansion will also accommodate further growth of the Medipure team, as the company looks for qualified applicants to fill various positions, including lab technicians, management, PhDs, and office administration.

The Company plans to add 17-19 new positions by the second quarter of 2018.

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