B.C.’s pot plan unveiled
Nicholas Johansen - Dec 05 - BC Biz

Image: Contributed

When recreational cannabis is legalized by the federal government in July, British Columbia will regulate the sale of the plant similar to the model used for alcohol.

After hearing input from almost 49,000 people since September, the province released its plan for cannabis distribution Tuesday.

Only those 19 and older will be able to purchase, possess and consume the newly-legalized drug.

The wholesale distribution will be run by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, while the retail side of things will be handled by both public and private stores.

The province says they will release details regarding the retail model in early 2018.

The federal Liberal party ran in the 2015 election on a platform promising to legalize cannabis. They have said the changes will take effect on July 4, 2018, but have left the distribution side up to the provinces.

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