Reimagining Clement
Wayne Moore - Nov 20, 2017 - Biz Releases

Image: Anagram Properties

A reimagining of Clement Avenue, at the edge of Kelowna’s downtown, is underway.

On the heels of construction of the new RCMP detachment and eventual redevelopment of the former B.C. Fruit Packers property comes a proposal for a six-storey, 58-unit development.

The proposal, which landed at City Hall earlier this month, would consolidate six properties across from the RCMP detachment, at 573-603 Clement.

Vernon-based Anagram Properties is behind the project, which would include one-, two- and three-bedroom units as well as four-bedroom townhouse units.

In its proposal to planning staff, Anagram says Clement Avenue is poised to change from a low-density corridor to a vibrant northern gateway to the city centre.

“This proposed project in conjunction with other developments planned within a two-block radius are set to redefine this area with increased density and livability,” the company says in its application.

While the area is zoned for up to 12 storeys, the company says it is requesting six storeys to stay consistent with other similar-sized proposals in the area.

And, with its proximity to downtown, they plan to include parking for four car-share vehicles that could be used for residents and non-residents of the complex.

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