B.C.’s least trusted contractors
Trevor Nichols - Nov 09 - BC Biz

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Moving companies and home construction companies are the least trusted types of contractors in British Columbia.

Meanwhile, ceiling contractors and insulation companies top the list of the province’s most trusted.

A new report from the contractor review platform TrustedPros.ca pulls together 13 years of data, establishing the most and least trustworthy trades in the country.

Breaking down 36 of its most popular trades categories, TrustedPros lays out how honest contractors are in two major areas–home service professionals and home improvement professionals–based on both its “TrustScore” system and client ratings.

The report shows that moving companies are the most untrustworthy home service professionals in the entire country, earning an average TrustScore of just 2.82 out of five.

Paving Companies are the most untrustworthy in the home improvement category, with an average 2.98 TrustScore rating.

The TrustScore is calculated based on 17 criteria, that together measure “how honest and transparent a company is willing to be with their clientele before they are hired.”

While moving companies both in B.C. and across the country score poorly on their TrustScores, TrustedPros client reviews reveal what people’s experiences with different types of contractors were actually like.

British Columbia residents rated cabinet makers and lawn care companies the worst, while they generally sang the praises of deck builders and insulation companies.

TrustedPros representative Nicole Silver pointed out that the report also illuminates a surprising trend.

“Interestingly enough, some of the most popular renovation projects are being completed by skilled professionals who don’t have the most trustworthy reputation,” she says.

The report shows that basement renovations and bathroom renovations, two of the most popular home renovation projects in the country, are completed by contractors who have low TrustScore national averages.

Silver says she hopes the TrustedPro report will help remind homeowners when they should be extra careful hiring a contractor.

“It’s easy for homeowners to brush over the due diligence stage when it’s time to hire a pro. However, making this mistake with some of the notoriously less trustworthy pros could mean trouble down the line,” she says.

“Homeowners ought to know how much time and effort they should invest in a contractor prior to hiring them, and these industry trends can help them manage their expectations and standards better.”

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