Kelowna the best investment
Okanagan Edge Staff - Oct 25, 2017 - Biz Releases

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Kelowna’s lucrative real estate market and robust business climate have caught the attention of a major Western Canadian investment publication, which has just named the city the best place to invest in real estate next year.

This week, Western Investor released its list of the top five places to invest in real estate in 2018, and Kelowna sits at the very top.

The magazine touts the city as the “dominant trading centre for the Okanagan Valley,” and points to its “blossoming high-tech sector” (more than 200 companies making up a $1.3 billion industry) as a significant source of both economic and population growth in the region.

It also hits on many other points people familiar with the region’s economy will find familiar: having Canada’s most temperate climate, being a major tourist destination, and being a place where many Vancouver residents are moving after selling their million-dollar homes.

According to Western Investor, the city’s housing statistics are also significant. More new homes were started in Kelowna this year than in anywhere else outside of the lower mainland (that even includes Victoria, which has a population three times as large as Kelowna).

Western Investor’s list  continues with Surrey at No. 2, Saskatoon at No. 3, Calgary at No. 4 and Lethbridge at No. 5.

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