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Hyper Hippo is a game design studio located right here in Kelowna. The company’s lean approach to game design, coupled with a talented and experienced team of creatives, ensures it can release a new game every month.

Hyper Hippo has released more than 50 games since 2014, including the award-winning and record-breaking title, AdVenture Capitalist.

So what’s it like to be a Hippo? Well, they design games (obviously) and they like ideas (the unusual, the weird, and the bold). They also like the freedom to work with minimal direction, tinker, and try new things.The culture at Hyper Hippo supports this experimental approach by ensuring the environment is fun, collaborative, and feedback friendly.

FUN: Sure they have foosball, ping pong, and free snacks in the office at all times–but better than that, this energetic crew actually like each other, and want to hang out and play games.

COLLABORATION: This is a team that truly values collaboration. The startup vibe of this workplace gives hippo’s the autonomy to produce and create games in a studio that oozes “creative crazy.”

FEEDBACK: Hippo’s depend on feedback from players (the good and the bad) to help them create a better player experience.

The endless pursuit of fun and innovation means constantly experimenting and testing and that can get tiring. The Hyper Hippo team offers its employees three weeks of vacation, health benefits, and ten personal days a year to ensure no one gets burnt out. It also offers a profit-sharing program and self-development support so their hippo’s can continue to learn and grow.

To learn more about this local design studio, find them online or connect with them at Accelerate Okanagan’s next Startup drinks.

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