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Chantelle Deacon - Oct 10 - Get Involved

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Left to right: Shadae Kishor, 21, Madeleine Swordy, 22, Kaitlyn Dickie, 23, Lauren Mercier, 24.

Four local servers have started a fundraiser that connects philanthropy and the restaurant industry.

Throughout the month of November participating servers will ‘tip out’ a local charity. Servers will commit to donating a portion of their sales each day for one month, to benefit this year’s chosen charity.

The idea stemmed from a local server, Madeleine Swordy, 22, about two years ago when she thought about a way she could give back to her community.

“It kind of just clicked with me,” said Swordy, founder of The Industry Project. “I’m a server and we tip out a portion of our daily sales to our kitchen and support staff and I thought what if I added an extra one per cent to that tip out pool and gave the money to charity.”

Her idea quickly progressed when she met her coworker Kaitlyn Dickie, 23, who was passionate about Swordy’s idea and about 20 servers agreed to be a part of the project.

Last year their idea raised just about $3,000 to give to a local charity. This year two more women have joined their team and they are looking to have about 10 restaurants on board and hope to raise $10,000 to give to the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation.

“We’re supporting their campaign with JoeAnna’s House, which was just launched a few days ago,” Swordy said. “Essentially it is for families who are seeking treatment at the general hospital like a home away from home.”

It’s a concept that allows servers to donate within their means giving every restaurant the opportunity to get on board.

The group of women spearheading this charity are searching for other driven service industry staff to help put TIP in their own restaurants.

At the end of November, all of the proceeds will go directly to The KGH Foundation. Kaitlyn Dickie, the restaurant liaison says “Having the staff at KGHF supporting and mentoring us is an amazing learning opportunity and is helping our fundraiser grow immensely.”

For more information on how restaurants can get involved contact their team at [email protected] or like their Facebook page.

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