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SoFun facilitators Andrew Greer, Kerry Rempel and Dr. Kyleen Myrah

A popular social entrepreneurship workshop will return to Okanagan College later this month.

The home-grown SoFun workshop aims to equip business people looking to enact change in the community with the essential tools they need to set their social enterprise ideas in motion.

Back for the second time since the project piloted in May, Okanagan College, the Scotiabank Centre for Non-Profit Excellence and Purppl are joining forces to lead workshop.

“We saw a really rich diversity of entrepreneurs at the first workshop. From beginner to experienced, there was a real excitement and interest in understanding the complexity of social enterprises,” says Andrew Greer, the founder of Purppl and SoFun co-facilitator.

The workshop is aimed at leaders of not-for-profit organization, individuals working in existing organizations with social enterprise initiatives, entrepreneurs looking to solve a social problem in their community, abd government employees looking to implement impact initiatives.

Participants will examine the case study of Mission Possible (an organization which helps those affected by homelessness find meaningful work) through the global-standard Business Model Canvas tool.

They will also be able to apply what they learn to their own business ideas, and work on them with the experts and resources in the room.

“This workshop is one way to put information in the hands of those ready to help make changes that will benefit our community,” says Dr. Kyleen Myrah, Okanagan College School of Business professor, and SoFun co-facilitator.

Myrah and Greer will be joined by OC business professor Kerry Rempel to lead the workshop, which will take place Sept. 26, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at Okanagan College’s Vernon campus.

Local social entrepreneur, Jaye Coward from the award-winning Farm Bound will also join the presentation team as the luncheon speaker.

Tickets and more information are available here.

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