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Okanagan Edge Staff - Sep 05, 2017 - Biz Releases

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Prime Physiotherapy will soon expand to become Prime Medical

A major new private health centre will soon open its doors in Kelowna.

Occupying four floors of soon-to-be-built new building, the centre will see Prime Physiotherapy and Performance expand to become Prime Medical.

According to Kevin Danschinko, the director of medical services at Prime Physiotherapy, the new Prime Medical centre will have a diagnostic imaging centre on the bottom floor, a family practice on the second floor, physiotherapy and rehab centre on the third floor, and offices on the fourth.

“This is going to be kind of like a mini hospital,” Danschinko says.

He says the new centre will bring together a number of medical services together under one roof, giving patients easier access to the services they need.

“This is massive for Kelowna, I think, to have access, reduce wait times, and get some great care for the patients,” he adds.

It will also, he says, offer some new services that haven’t before been available in B.C.

Chief among them will be Prime’s new PT/MD collaborative assessment and advanced rehabilitation team.

The team consists of a physiotherapist and a physician, who as a team will diagnose patients with orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries.

By pairing a doctor with a physiotherapist, Danschinko explains, the Prime team can identify much easier and quicker the exact nature of their patient’s injury, often avoiding trips to several different (and ultimately unnecessary) specialists.

Danschinko points out that 70-80 per cent of orthopedic and musculoskeletal patients are non-surgical, but family doctors can’t always identify right away which ones do in fact need surgery.

This means they send nearly all their patients off to a surgeon for consultation, when only a fraction of them will eventually need surgery.

By having both experts see a patient together, those extra trips are eliminated.

“I don’t know, as your family doctor, what to do, because I don’t specialize in musculoskeletal injuries. However, there will soon be a clinic with a physician that does, with the physio will assess you,” Danschinko says. “I’ve just eliminated all kind of steps here.”

The new Prime Medical won’t be completed for several months, but Danschinko says Prime Physiotherapy and Performance will start offering the new PT/MD collaborative assessment and advanced rehabilitation team ahead of time.

The service will launch Sept. 15 at Prime Physiotherapy, located at 2750 Richter St.

For more information visit Prime online.

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