Who are this year’s Top 40?
Okanagan Edge Staff - Aug 11 - Biz Releases

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The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce has thrown open its phone lines and email inboxes, eagerly awaiting nominations for this year’s Top 40 program.

The program, made possible with the support of BDO, allows the chamber to recognize the community’s most remarkable individuals.

Starting in September, the chamber will shine a light on a member of the community who has made remarkable accomplishments or had a significant impact on the Okanagan Valley.

Mentors, champions and role models will have their contributions to the community recognized, as the chamber endeavours to encourage and foster leadership in the region.

In a slight twist on the tried-and-true Top 40 format, each year the chamber swings between highlighting champions under 40 and over 40.

This year, the youngsters will get their due.

Nominations are open now, and the chamber welcomes any and all submissions.

Good candidates are those who have demonstrated: business success, entrepreneurship and innovation, social advocacy, environmental impact, cultural achievement, academic achievement, scientific or technological advancement, medical innovation, or volunteerism.

Nominations are reviewed by a committee of “community leaders and well connected business professionals,” who will select 40 people that have demonstrated “an ability and eagerness to contribute to our vibrant Central Okanagan community.”

Each week, starting in September, Okanagan Edge will highlight a new 2017/2018 Top 40 honouree.

For more information on the Top 40 program, or to submit a nomination, visit the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce online.

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