First cherries already selling
Deborah Pfeiffer - Jun 16 - Biz Releases

Image: Deborah Pfeiffer

Juicy, sweet cherries are already for sale at a fruit stand in the South Okanagan.

Orchardist Sarabjit Rai started selling Chelan cherries at his Rai Produce stand, just west of Osoyoos on Highway 3, Sunday.

“I feel very good about this, and the visitors who support buying local produce are starting to come,” said Rai.

Rai credits opening early to having good soil in his orchards, the varieties he grows and the hard work of his family.

The family-run stand has Chelan cherries for sale and will soon have other varieties, including Santinas and Early Robin.

“Everyone wants Canadian cherries, and these are not from the U.S., they are grown in Osoyoos,” said Rai.

Last year, the fruit stand had its earliest opening ever, starting up in May.

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