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Okanagan Edge Staff - Jun 14 - Get Involved


An expansive online resource aimed at helping British Columbians connect with community and support services is now available in the Okanagan.

The not-for-profit is an online information service that acts as an “up-to-date, reliable gateway” to community, social, non-clinical health, and government services.

It’s a service directory that includes more than 12,000 entries documenting and describing services and organizations available to help people. It’s available on desktop and mobile platforms, and even features an online chat available seven days a week, from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Some of the information available includes:

  •         Employment support;
  •         Legal assistance;
  •         Mental health and addiction services;
  •         Housing options including shelter locations;
  •         Seniors services;
  •         Children and youth programs.

“British Columbians need and deserve reliable information and help they can trust. We’re here to ensure that people don’t have to rely solely on Google to deal with sometimes difficult and often very personal situations,” says Nathan Wright, the executive director of bc211.

He said that has prompts that help people narrow down their search, assist them in finding the services that most meet their needs, and closest to where they live.

The project first launched in 2010,in partnership with United Way of the Lower Mainland, featuring phone and online services for Metro Vancouver, and has continuously expanded since that time.

In 2016, the site had more than 287,000 unique visitors, the majority of which focused on issues of housing and homelessness, substance abuse, and health.

Visit for more information.

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