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From the edible landscaping surrounding it, to the nano-silver flooring that kills bacteria inside of it, 2169 Pandosy is bending people’s understanding of what a healthy development can look like.

The developers of the groundbreaking new complex, which will eventually stand beside Kelowna General Hospital, researched the healthy building concept and decided to innovate from the ground up.

Sure, the building is striving to be one of the first mixed use buildings in Canada to meet the WELL Building Standard, but it is more than that; the entire structure has been meticulously designed, with components and concepts borrowed from across the leading-edge, to create a new kind of healthy-living experience.

On its surface, 2169 Pandosy is a four-storey, mixed-use development that will house businesses, commercial medical practices, short-term visitors and long-term residents.

But as lead designer Alana Marrington points out, the building will be “so much more than just a mixed use development next to the hospital.”

The way buildings are designed, constructed and maintained, she says, impacts the way their occupants’ sleep, what they eat, and how they feel.

“This is something I am very passionate about, healthy spaces to live and work, giving people the experience of a building formulated from comprehensive scientific evidence that lays the groundwork for wellness decisions. I never really considered myself a developer, but I guess I’ve now become one.“ Marrington says.

Alana Marrington

She points to the movable walls inside the units, special UVC lighting in the air conditioning that kills bacteria, the germ-killing nano-silver floors, the non-toxic and edible landscaping and the special Warmboard radiant heat as examples of the steps she’s taken to create something unique.

She has even consulted a local Feng Shui Master to incorporate the flow of energy and wellness of the entire building from the time you enter the lobby, where a sparkling atrium lets sunlight dance in.

“If we’ve done our job right, you probably won’t even realize why you can breathe a little bit better once you’re inside,” she says.

Marrington and her team pushed the envelope so far with the design and concept of 2169 Pandosy it has begun to attract attention from around the world.

Marrington says she’s been invited to speak in Portugal, at Georgia State University and a World Health Organization co- sponsored event in Brisbane, Australia. Organizations from countries as far away as Portugal, Belgium and China have asked her to collaborate and to learn more.

“We have something that’s very simple and unique, but very flexible and adaptable to different geographical locations and demographics, and that’s something people across the world are taking notice of,” she says.

“Our ideas of healthy, flexible and adaptable spaces have taken the City of Kelowna to the international map.’

Sales opportunities are coming very soon. To learn more about 2169 Pandosy, and for commercial leasing opportunities or residential inquiries, check out the project online .

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