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Accelerate Okanagan - May 05, 2017 - Columnists

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Kelowna’s Find It EZ Software is making waves with one of the largest software companies in the world.

The local company, an Accelerate Okanagan Venture Acceleration Program graduate and current tech club member, has been selected by tech giant SAP as one of only twenty third-party extension partners for the popular SAP Store.

Ken Gnazdowsky, President and CEO of Find It EZ, is excited to have his company’s Code Search Pro software featured so prominently on the SAP Store.

“SAP has thousands of partners globally, and they are incredibly selective, hand-picking less than 1 per cent of all available third party company products that are included,” he said. “It’s a prestigious thing to be a part of.”

Find It EZ Software was founded to help medium to large enterprises manage change in their programming environments. Code Search Pro allows companies to identify how the slightest change in one piece of software can affect other parts of the application.

“Our software gives you the visibility to quickly see what needs to be addressed whenever you do make changes,” Gnazdowsky said. “It leads to faster enhancements and better quality code.”

SAP has invited Gnazdowsky’s company to attend its annual global conference in mid-May, as one of its showcase partners. Code Search Pro will be featured at the show and Find It EZ will be running live demos in both the SAP Store and SAP Digital booths.

In addition, the company will be included in partner media through the rest of 2017 and have been asked to be part of a panel discussion at the Sapphire Now event.

Find It EZ’s customer base is comprised primarily of enterprise software environments, with 75 per cent of clients based in the United States. Its customers include big names such as Westinghouse, the Mayo Clinic, Harvard University, John Deere, and Sprint.

The recent SAP endorsement, the second of its kind following an innovation award from Microsoft, is expected to produce a significant boost to brand awareness and lead generation for this locally-grown business.

To learn more about Find it EZ, click here.

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