Supporting Silver Surfers
Okanagan Edge Staff - Feb 27, 2017 - Get Involved

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A program helping local seniors through tech-savvy training got a weighty financial boost recently, in the form of nearly $10,000 from Interior Savings.

The Silver Surfer program, which is run by Okanagan College Enactus students, provides resources and coaching to enhance the abilities of seniors to communicate with loved ones and safely explore the Internet.

The program offers student-to-senior mentorship and step-by-step illustrated guides on technology use with tools like the iPad.

Rebecca Alfred, who co-founded the program alongside fellow Okanagan College School of Business students Daniel Alfred, Sam Jamieson and Meaghan Barnard, said their goal was to use their entrepreneurial skills to create “tangible change in the community.”

“We are thrilled that Interior Savings is recognizing the demand for Silver Surfers in the Okanagan and investing in the program’s growth,” she added.

Popularity of the program has already increased by word-of-mouth since the Silver Surfers piloted their program at a Kelowna retirement home in May 2016. They are currently running their fourth and fifth programs at two different seniors residences and have grown to more than 30 volunteer mentors.

Interior Savings’ donation will enhance the Silver Surfers program through the construction of a website to boost their online presence and provide for the purchase of wireless routers and tablets that will enable the program to run simultaneously in multiple locations.

To learn more about Silver Surfers and how to be involved, visit the program’s new website.

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