Preparing for pot shops
Kate Bouey - Feb 21, 2017 - Biz Releases

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The City of Enderby plans to continue to deny business licences to marijuana shops as long as the drug remains illegal under the Criminal Code, but staff want to be ready to deal with them.

“While the retail of marijuana is illegal under the Criminal Code, prospective owners of dispensaries and compassion clubs are making enquries and endeavouring to secure locations in anticipation of legalization,” said a report to council. “The (federal) legalization and regulation of marijuana is not a case of if but when and how.

“In that respect, a proactive approach to ensuring the industry fits into the community of Enderby is critical.”

Council gave three readings on Monday to business bylaw amendments that would allow the issuance of a licence at present only if the applicant was able to prove the proposed use was lawful.

However, other changes are aimed a providing clear guidelines to prospective owners of cannabis dispensaries.

They include:

  • prohibiting a marijuana business from being located within 100 metres of any residential zone, daycare facility, preschool, playground, community centre, school, public park, civic or religious institution or any use catering to individuals under 18;
  • prohibiting a person under the age of 19 from entering or remaining on the premises;
  • not permitting the consumption of marijuana on the premises, and;
  • requiring the installation and maintenance of an air filtration system to reduce odour

“Lots of people are looking at potential opportunities if marijuana is legalized,” said Mayor Greg McCune. “We want to give them the options and show what the playing field will look like.”

McCune said the amendments would give a clear understanding of what would be required to set up shop in Enderby if the drug is made legal under federal law.

The proposed changes to the bylaw will be posted for public feedback.

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